We know Dutch transgender people that had to wait for month's before their MHP's allowed them to get hormones or surgery. They were living for years in the other gender but just did not suffer visible enough to get their hormones or surgery immediately. In some cases the help of others (GP's, transgender activists) was needed to encourage the psychologist to go ahead.

When you think that this is normal, please think about the next time you have to visit a GP or a health care specialist. When he tells you "yes, I might help you, but unfortunately you don't suffer enough. So please go home, let us meet again in 4 weeks and see if the suffering has increased, because I might help you if it has", what would you think or do? What would you think or do when he doesn't tell you this, but he wil wait, and wait, and ask the same questions over and over again, and doesn't start the treatment?


Thought experiment: how many patients have at the end of the assessment of the gender clinics more dysphoria than at the moment they checked-in? How many patients with diabetic disease, broken arms, sight problems have more problems with their diabetic disease, broken arms, sight problems than at the moment they checked-in?